As Real Estate Consultants we provide you with a complete range of services related to Property and Investment in property. These services include complete property title search in the revenue and other Govt records ; Verification of the identity of the parties ; Modus operandis of the deals ; and proper documentation of the transacted deals.

Services we offer

ball.gif (1892 bytes)Sales and Purchase 001.gif (1892 bytes)Renting

Bullet Residential. Bullet Residential.

Bullet Commercial / Institutional Bullet Commercial.

gBullet Industrial. Bullet Industrial.

Bullet Agriculture Land / Farm House. Bullet Farm House.

globul2a.gif (67 bytes) Consultancy.

001.gif (1892 bytes)Collobratation

Bullet Residential

Bullet Commercial.

Area Of Operation Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida dealing in commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural properties with interest in Sale Purchase and renting of prime properties.

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